31 July 2009



pandave said...

Wrong target! Bee stung LIPS are what is fashionable

belinha said...

In Summer we have insects bzzzzzzz!!:)
Yes,Dodos,I want to go back to paper.Sometimes I just can't stand to look at the monitor.I miss to paint and draw.It has been a long time now since I started to work in PC.Sometimes I get bored!!:)I miss old paper and pencil and ruber...:)
Tomorrow i think I'll take a pencil and paper to the beach!

astria said...

ποιός από τους δύο είπε ouch?

Καλό απόγευμα Σαββάτου dodo:)

astria said...

Και καλό μήνα!!

dodo said...

pandave You're right- who knows what comes next... ;-)

belinha Go for it! And post the result for us to see ;-)

astria :-) Καλό μήνα, σ' ευχαριστώ γιά τις ευχές!

ηλιογράφος said...

:) το έντομον που διαταράσσει την μικροαστικήν και όχι μόνον ησυχίαν μας

dodo said...

ηλιογράφος LOL!