07 January 2012



H.Constantinos said...

Λίγο πίσω ακόμα, όπα καλά είσαι, τσακ!

Michalis Melidonis said...

A lilliputian bungee jumper
on a bleached retired traffic cone
under the gaze of a shutterbug.
After the leap, the jumper
will be turning around the cone.
A rare sight, indeed.

Mariela said...

Hey! what are you looking up there?

dodo said...

h.constantinos Αν είναι μόνο τσακ, καλά- μην ήταν μπαμ, όμως; :-D

michalis melidonis :-) Life presents enough dangers as it is; no need for extreme choices, thankyouverymuch!

mariela "Here's looking at you, kid"- unrelated, but such a classic :-)

Mariela said...

Καλημέρα, με έστειλες το ομολογώ!! Μα... που τα θυμάσαι!!!!!!

dodo said...

mariela Δεν ξεχνιέται η Casablanca ;-)