21 September 2012

"My Bonnie Lies Over The Ocean"*

*All together now! :-P


Michalis Melidonis said...

My Pony♥ cries out of devotion
Her tail waits for me❤
Her armlet holds on emotion
Her cardoon bows for me❤

Oh bring back my Pony♥ to me❤

dodo said...

michalis melidonis LOL!!!

H.Constantinos said...


DJ Dodinha forever!!
Like strange canzonetta & lyrics!

Άστρια said...

"Αll together now": ....σνιφ

(μα πώς το συνδύασες και τόσο ωραία μουσικά!:)

dodo said...

h.constantinos LOL!

άστρια :-)